Wednesday, 26 September 2007

coming back

because we are fickle fickle people,

anngee and i [:)chuns] have decided to sell our wares,
on 6th OCT sat only
at MAAD.

it's mostly old stuff though.
if we can get our new set of postcards out by then we'll sell it too.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

sweaty sticky and a lil bit deaf.

hullo to the people we met at flea fly flow fun substation sept fest.

today was stock clearing day xD
so if you liked what you saw, head on down to MAAD in November to look for us! the next one is on October 6+7 but we're still on a break to bring you bigger better things. in the talks. talk only, not confirmed that it will happen, are 2 zines and a whole line of pencil boxes, purses, wallets and bags and stuff.

come down in october anyway to pick up your free copy of the MAADzine, that Anngee is art directing. and me, eh.... sub editing/directing/idunnowhati'mdoing. well it's gonna be awsome.

see you soon!
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