Thursday, 30 November 2006

somebody got her fancy smancy dinner.....

sambal stingray, veggies and mushrooms and meatballs, corn and carrot soup...

i'm a chef!

the drawings are coming soon ag and grace promise.....


Blogger beta is a sneaky bastard.

okay. my eyeballs just about exploded from scanning through all the wicked html thingies. evil.. EVIL are the people at blogger to inflict such torture.

anyways. the fancy-smancy stuff is up!!! banner, links and addition of authors on blog. i'm blogging under my name. muahaha.

and this is for chunz who says i can't draw in colour. BAH.

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I can okay. ag can do anything except stand up and pee. :X btw. the name "the great ag" was given by Chuang Shyue Chou who is also a great landscape + warrior + machinery artist.

p.s: chunz and grace: YOU OWE ME A HUGE DINNER YOU HEAR. HUUUUUGGEEE dinner.


this is four am in the morning in singapore.

and what am i doing up? lounging in mah bed with the trusty powerbook baby in my lap typing away furiously on the blogger post (with a hot guy by my side)?


i'm driven insane by the complicated mess of html that is blogger beta. GRRRRRRR!!!! RRAAAWWWRRRRR!!!!!!!! anyways. stuff will be up once i figure out how to navigate the bloody html thingies. meee.....


the great ag. who isn't feeling very great at the moment.

Monday, 27 November 2006

monday, it's back to school for us. just a little introduction.

anngee's an illustrator,
grace's an illustrator too
and me, i'm a photographer.

we're all still in school and study at Temasek Polytechnic Design School, Visual Communication course.
we are currently doing our final year projects. yup....

pictures from yesterday!

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grace and me, anngee was taking the photo. we were at MOS settling accounts. i'm scribbling in the account books.

rage was going around asking people to draw on her hand and she drew a ring on ag's finger, which looks like my ring. so rage is married to ag and ag is married to me... yay for threesomes...

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anngee has two wives. baaaaaah. and oh yes my 'tattoo' isn't off yet... i love that guy!

the fancy stuff on this blog will be up once anngee gets enough rest to stay up a few hours to put them up. -_-

we're all tired people oh yes...

ag says to say we're eating hello panda and BE JEALOUS~!



this is ag making her first post ever on this blog. Chunz's stealing my chocolate hello panda. :X

eh. i will TRY not to sleep tonight to get the banner and fancy-smancy stuff that decorates the blog up. but knowing me i'll probably just die on the bed tonight.

oh hot guys welcome to join. :PPPPP

nyahahaha. and my hello panda is back.

-the great ag.

thank u thank u!!!

strawberry cake
Originally uploaded by noofnoof.
to thank all of u, this is a cake from me:)
really appreciate ur supports people.
hope u enjoy our work.
for more info about this weekend,
u can check on my personal blog

nice day!


last day at P.S for MAAD


maad sunday @ plaza singapura. i went over late after work.

THANKS much to our customers.



Saturday, 25 November 2006

MAAD goes to Plaza Singapura


O (^ ^) o

it was day 2 of MAAD @ Plaza Singapura today.

it was so hot and it rained. and the other two got bored and started drawing on me. human canvas

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and the uncle who carves bears sprayed one white and gave it to us to draw on for him ^_^

thank you very much to our customers!!! and especially friends(simmie, rach, hui zhi, karen, bee peng, anngee's ms ho and blog reader merv from last week) for supporting us!

see you guys around


we'll still be at plaza sing tomorrow! check back for more updates

Friday, 24 November 2006

do check back later! we're still setting up.

in the mean time check out our personal blogs

anngee @

chunyi @

grace @
hi all


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