Saturday, 8 March 2008

so far, yet on your computer screen.

isn't amazing how internet works. it's magic la. anyway. we've been missing. WHY? because we've been busy packing, flying, unpacking. we're not producing much to sell yet because we're busy with school. call it a sabbatical. :D so this blog, you read for entertainment. OR you could email us for custom jobs that could be mailed/emailed over. oh yeah. so for now. we bring you photos.

Mike and shannon gave me chicken-duck! at the airport! YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
if you want one (not chicken-duck something else from him) check out yup

and they gave ag the pencil ninja!

a mural we did for 2902. it's a new fine art photo gallery at 'Old School' along mt sopia road. it's loads of work. took one day and another one day + night. it was finally completed at about 6 in the morning. when the sun was just coming up. peng san.

check the place out!


Mia said...

Hey, just wanna drop a note to tell you I've been liking your drawings! I've also been selling at MAAD since august last year but have never got a chance to talk to you guys and before I knew it, you're not at MAAD anymore.

Have fun studying abroad! =)


sharon said...

this mural is very nice!!

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